What Steps Do We Follow During Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaningCarpets are most susceptible to dirt and stains. No matter how careful you are and how frequently you clean the carpets, stains will popup, especially if you have kids and pets at home. Unclean carpets leave the room very untidy and even destroy the looks of your property’s interiors. That is why it is important to opt for carpet cleaning services from a reputed company. Here at Couta Cleaning, we take necessary measures to make sure that your carpets look as new as they should.

Steps That We Follow During Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet Precondition:

Preconditioning is the first step involved in carpet cleaning. For synthetic carpets, we use alkaline solutions. If you have carpets made of organic materials, we elect to use acidic solution. After adding the cleaning agent, the carpet will be brushed and scrubbed by a machine. Following this, we use carpet steam cleaning technique to remove the acidic agents from the rug. Our automated wand will extract all the agents from the material. We use state of the art technology throughout the process.


We will place the detergent over the carpet and is allowed to dry for a few hours. We also add a preventative solution on your rug to prevent future stains. After this, we use highly pressurized water to remove all stains and soiled messes thoroughly. We know the science of making the carpet shine, despite its age and stain history.


The final phase before your carpet is good to go, yet the most important, is drying. In order to speed up the drying process, our carpet cleaners use specialized equipment. Once your rugs get dried completely, we never forget to conduct a detailed and thorough inspection to ensure that your carpet is clean and spotless.

Whether you want end of lease carpet cleaning or would like to clean it as a part of maintenance, Couta Cleaning can provide steam cleaning services and help removing stains caused by the accident spills of juice, coffee, greasy food, tar, crayons, oil and sticky chewing gums. Have any question pertaining to our cleaning procedures? Leave us a message or call us at 0408 030 991.

Our Servicing areas include Brookfield, Werribee, Melton South, Point Cook, Caroline Springs, Hoppers Crossing, Deer Park, Altona Meadows, Sunshine, Maddingley and Darley .

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