Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning that Cleans Anything

Our carpet, rug and upholstery steam cleaning services have been designed so that they can pull out dirt from some of the hardest parts of any material. Unlike regular steam cleaners our special machines are ten times more powerful and generate steam that will kill even the toughest germs. However, because professional steam cleaners are so powerful they are not available to regular people. Using a professional steam cleaning machines takes years of experience and extensive training to ensure that it can be used properly across all materials without causing damage.

More than just kills germs

Our steam cleaning services do more than merely kill bacteria and viruses which may be residing within the weaves of your carpet. Our steam cleaning services will also dislodge and remove mud, grit and even food particles. This ensures that once we are done with cleaning, your carpet will smell and feel like new. This is regardless of how old or soiled your carpets may be. However, if your carpets are damaged like for instance, if they are torn or are fading from certain spots you will need to get them professionally repaired post the cleaning that we perform. As a matter of fact our cleaning is so thorough that you will actually find it difficult to recognize your own carpet once we are done with it.

We highly recommend that people get their carpets regardless of materials and size regularly steam cleaned. Carpets in heavy traffic areas like the living room should be subjected to more frequent steam cleaning in addition to ordinary vacuuming. So, if you have a carpet that you think smells, looks dusty or has stains despite your best efforts then contact us today.

The Importance of Steam Cleaning

Over the past few years there has been increasing emphasis on steam cleaning in Caroline Springs. There seems to be the belief that steam cleaning is the holy grail of carpet cleaning which is why a growing number of services have begun offering it. This belief has also fueled the consumer electronics industry which now churns out more steam cleaners than at any other point in history. However, the truth about steam cleaning is that it needs to be done right. Most over the counter steam cleaners are not powerful enough to clean a carpet thoroughly, but they do manage to clean it somewhat. Professional or high pressure steam cleaners similar to what we use at Couta Cleaning can easily destroy your carpet if the professional does not know what he’s doing yet at the same time it can clean a carpet thoroughly if used correctly. Our steam cleaning in Hillside uses high temperature steam machines which go right through the fibers of the carpet ensuring that it’s cleansed of everything including odor, germs and dirt etc.

Steam Cleaning Experts

We have been providing Steam cleaning in Werribee for a very long time. Over the years we have mastered the art of cleaning just about any carpet regardless of fiber type and thickness with our professional, high tech steam cleaner. We know exactly how to go about running the cleaner over the carpet and what chemicals to use to further ensure that minor stains and blemishes are removed from your carpet. This is why our steam cleaning is a lot faster and yet more thorough than any other service, plus our clients see a noticeable difference when we are done.

Every Inch is Inspected and Cleaned

Our steam cleaning in Hoppers is always very thorough because unlike other services we simply do not turn on our machines and start cleaning. We start with first inspecting every carpet before we clean so that we know exactly every inch of it. We know where the stains are, and where the carpet is more soiled. We also need to examine the material and fibers of the carpet to make sure it can handle the pressure of the steam and the temperature after which we set these variables accordingly. When we are done, a final inspection is imperative before we declare the carpet clean. This allows for us to provide thorough cleaning across every inch of your carpet.

Every Carpet can be Steam Cleaned

Our approach to steam cleaning in Wyndhamvale is not a standard one as mentioned above. How we decide to steam clean a carpet depends on a number of variables. However, carpet owners are more than welcome to tell us exactly what they want to achieve with steam cleaning. While we can steam clean any and all carpets, this method of cleaning is not always effective at removing tough stains. This requires a different approach. So, if your objective is to use steam cleaning for stain removal then its subject to our examination of the stain. This is because unlike other services we know exactly what steps are required to remove certain types of stains which we will then use in addition to steam cleaning. That said contrary to popular belief steam cleaning is highly effective regardless of the type of carpet, but it has to be handled by experts.

If you are searching for a reliable, experienced and always friendly steam cleaning in Wyndhamvale, then call us at 0408 030 991. We can provide you with as much information as you need over the phone as well as a quote. If you require a quote you can also fill out our brief online form with a few details and we will get right back to you with the information. You can also hire our services by filling out the form.

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