Carpet Cleaning Bonnie Brook

Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bonnie Brook

When you schedule a professional carpet cleaning in Bonnie Brook, there are some things you need to do to save time, prevent accidents and theft. Here are some of the things you need to do before technicians arrive: 

1. Declutter

Carpet Cleaning Bonnie Brook

Professionals require a lot of space because they use heavy equipment, hoses, and cords which can be hard to maneuver in a cluttered place. Therefore, remove children’s toys, shoes, books, socks and anything that might be on the way. Decluttering not only saves time when cleaning your carpet but also ensures there are minimal chances of accidents e.g. by tripping. If you have some time, you can vacuum lightly to remove dust so that the technicians can carry out deep cleaning. 

2. Lock up your valuable items

Even though most professional carpet cleaners are honest, it is important to lock up your valuable items. While at it, you also need to remove items that can be easily broken because you might incur huge loses as the technicians are moving from one room to the next. 

3. Protect your walls

Vacate cleaning in Bonnie Brook is mainly provided by experienced professionals. If you need your security deposit back, protecting your walls is advisable. The long hose and cords will be dragged across every room and they might leave marks on the walls and the only way you can remove them is via repainting. Ergo, protect the walls to avoid additional expenses after cleaning your carpet floor. 

4. Remove light furniture

Carpet cleaning technicians are not supposed to move any furniture in your home. Hence, it is your responsibility to remove any furniture that might be blocking the way or that’s where the technicians will clean. Carpet steam cleaning in Bonnie Brook is one of the popular methods of cleaning and it required technicians to use heavy equipment to do it. Since they are not required to move our furniture, remove coffee tables, floor lamps, plant stands, etc. to give ample space to the technicians. 

Finally, keep your pets in a safe place because they can get frightened or escape because of hearing loud noises and seeing strangers or become a nuisance during the cleaning process by loitering in the house as the technicians are trying to clean your carpet.