At Couta Cleaning, we are one of the leading carpet cleaning specialists in the Western Suburbs. Our experience as professional cleaners spans a glorious 13 years during which we have worked for dozens of households and have grown considerably. However, despite our growing business we have managed to stay true to our original service motto, which was and continues to be “Provide our clients with the best possible service that money can buy but at a price they can afford.”

As professionals we have and continue to make every possible effort to ensure that our clients regardless of what type of service they hire us are always satisfied. That said we are still best known for our carpet and rug cleaning service since we continue to provide unmatched cleaning quality. However, we are also known for our excellent customer service and standing by the guarantees that we provide clients.

Our team consists of some of the most experienced cleaning professionals and our equipment is the very best in the industry. We never rely on chance… not one bit, when it comes to ensuring that our clients are satisfied. This is why we always take a unique and tailored approach to every cleaning project for best results. This is also the leading reason why we are one of the most loved and sort after professionals in this industry.

When people hire Couta Cleaning they are not just hiring a cleaning service but rather a service that provides a great experience in every way conceivable. Each time you look at your freshly cleaned carpet or rug it will remind you of the effort we have put into honing our method and delivering the best cleaning experience to everyone. Perhaps this is why “No job is too small for us.”